We excited to announce the Science Writing Skills Workshop which will take place as a pre-conference workshop from 16-18 August 2016.
This three (03) day residential workshop is held with the following aims:

  1. Provide a platform to publish peer-reviewed full papers. Many of us think our science ends when an abstract is submitted and a presentation is done. No it isn’t. Until you publish your full story, it will remain an untold story. So this workshop provides the support and guidance to convert the abstracts into full papers that will be published by Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. These peer-reviewed full papers will be published as a series of conference proceedings.
  2. To bust the myth that it takes days, weeks, or even months to produce that difficult bit of text of a manuscript and to do the formatting. No it doesn’t, it takes two or three hours at most to pin it down and this workshop guarantees that you will have the manuscript ready for peer reviewing at the end of the third day.
  3. Introduce the scientific approach to writing a manuscript. Starting from understanding instruction to authors we tread the path of scientific writing to the point of online submission
  4. Ensure authors improve the skills of addressing reviewer/ editor comments to identifying correct journal to submit

WinC 2014 provided a training on science presentation skills. In this workshop also we intend to touch presentation skills briefly.

Main areas that will be covered:
Deciding when and where to submit a paper, instructions to authors, overall structure of papers, approaching a writing project, preparing the story board, writing in English as a foreign language, writing the scope of the study, citing references, writing the results section, using tables and figures, methods section, deciding on titles and authors, writing the discussion section, revisiting the  introduction, Abstract and key words, ethical and other issues, aspects of writing style, addressing reviewer comments, how to broadcast a published paper to increase citations.

Useful Information for Participants

Useful Information for Participants
Dear participants, in order to ensure that you complete the production of your manuscript please bring along following and also adhere to following guidelines.

  • A laptop with a dongle
  • All your references and raw data as well as analyzed data
  • Any software you may require in the event, data needs a reanalysis
  • Also please ensure you have an appropriate software to manage references. (Anyway at the pre-conference you will learn mendeley please download mendeley at https://www.mendeley.com if you are not a user. However if you use any other software to manage your reference, please ignore this) 

Programme of the Inaugural Session

Programme of the Inaugural session

Road Map to the Venue

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Workshop Programme

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Since university will invest a large amount of money per participant it is absolutely important that if selected you will attend without failure.
Any participant that fails to do so will be liable to pay the accommodation and other costs.