Abstract format

Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract in English for the consideration of Scientific Review Committee. Abstracts should be text mainly. One table, a set of mathematical formulae and/or one scientific illustration prepared according to given guidelines are allowed. The total word count of the entire abstract should not exceed 350 words. If accompanied with a figure, the word limit of the main text is 250 words. The font size and style of table and illustrations should be equal to that of main text. The illustrations should follow scientific approach of formatting.


A clear and a context focused title not exceeding two lines. Justified text in bold. Font size 12. Sentence case. Only proper nouns must start with a capital letter if appearing in the middle of the title. Scientific names must be in Italic.

Authors and affiliations:

Surname/family name of the author, initials of other names, no dots, no space in between initials (See example below)

Affiliations indicated with superscript Roman numbers appearing at the start of surname/ family name

Names of affiliations should be given including the country

Name of the corresponding author should be underlined



1 Affiliation, Country

Correspondence details:

Email address of the corresponding author should be provided

Main text:

Introduction and objectives: The back ground, scope and the rationale for the work

Methodology/Approach: Description of the steps executed to collect relevant information and analysis of data

Results: Clear and understandable statements based on evaluation of data, clearly indicating the outcomes

A single table, one set of mathematical formulae or one scientific illustration is permitted

Conclusions and recommendations: The significance of results in terms of problem/s addressed

Key words: Up to three (03) key words arranged in alphabetical order each starting with a capital letter





A copy of the image or table should be sent separately and the minimum resolution should be 300 dpi in greyscale (see the examples given).

Mathematical equations

 Use "Equations" option of a word processing software (MS Word) to create mathametical equations


Font:                 CG Omega   Download font

Space:              1.5